A Few Words from Koushi ESAKI

Since our firm's founding in 1935, we have been representing the interests of international clients in Japan and are among the leading Japanese legal representatives of non-japanese applicants.
Our multilingual team of highly qualified and experienced patent attorneys, and expert technical support and office staff will meticulously, assiduously and efficiently handle all matters related to your intellectual property rights, while bearing in mind the specific needs of overseas applicants.
Through our many years of experience, We can guarantee the utmost dedication, reliability and quality of service, tailored to the individual case, at every stage of the application process, preparing accurate translations and strong proposals to deal with Examination results or conflicts and managing deadlines to obtain secure and comprehensive intellectual property rights.

To ensure that the above is achieved, we not only rely on our extensive experience, but constantly adapt to changes in national and international law and the latest technical developments in our work, and continue to strive to provide the best possible care of your intellectual property rights.

Tokyo, March 2018